Reputation-based people and content rating algorithm

People Ranking

Building reputation, trust and measuring influence.

Content Rating

Content from reputable people and content that gets upvotes from reputable people has better grades than others' content.

Reputation Algorithm

Can be integrated with any Internet site that uses some form of content / people rating.


Because We Want

1. To read only relevant content.
2. To have trust in the individuals we transact with online.
3. Our opinion and votes to have more weight on areas where we are experts.
4. To be somehow compensated for being measured and contribute content on Internet.

Because we need to be up to date on who to trust, who other people trust, who is important, and who decides who is important.

ReputationROOM Solution

One of the biggest issues with the explosion of social media is a lack of effective ways to filter the signal from the noise — in other words, to figure out who we should pay attention to and who’s content / advice we should trust.

ReputationROOM algorithm measures reputation based on content ratings which precedes people just like their reputation does in the real world. For content they post on different web sites users are compensated with different reputation for different areas of their interests.


RR algorithm needs to be a standard. It is mutually beneficial both to the websites and content contributors.

Janez Ferbar
Janez Ferbar

Reputation is most appropriate compensation for web content we contribute for others.

Janez Guzelj
Janez Guzelj

RR algorithm links user’s online activity together. It is going to force people to change their online approach.

Tina Špelko
Iris Brajko

We are entering a new wave online. If you’ve been putting off building a reputation, you may already be way behind.

Jani Juvančič
Jani Juvančič